I made this mini video when Lenine was conferring the sound before the concert. Sorry, but I was dancing and singining together...this is too bad :).

Lenine is a brazilian singer, composer and musician from Recife. He makes a Pop/Rock music, with great lyrics! People say that his music combines music manifestations from Brasil and other parts of the world.

This is the lyric by this music, in portuguese is O Homem com olhos de raio-x- The man with the x-ray eyes

When you blinked your eyes, the aroma/ You woke me from a state of coma /When you broke for me the embarrassment /It rusted my steel nerves / My x-ray blinded from fear / Because your soul was made of lead and secret / When you tried to avoid me, undecided/ I was the reason for the Monalisa smile/ When you smiled for me a kiss/ That moment was like detonating my desire bomb/ My eyes, my eyes, my eyes, my x-ray eyes

Kiss, kiss, Jannine.


Mary disse…
e vc sumida nunca mais passou no blog anda de mal é?? hehehe.. miga, sumi uma semana tb, andei meio atucanada.. fui ver teus posts passados, lindo banho de chuva.. hehehe.. e este post, homenagem ao michael?? linda, não era fã de morrer dele, mas senti muito a morte, especialmente pela forma boba como foi.. grande perda.. bjoks mil miga e ótimo domingo..
Roseane, disse…
Ele é muito bom mesmo!!! Bjks
Chant disse…
Afe! Lenine é tudo de bom!


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